Plenary Speakers

David P. Livingston

U.S. Department of Agriculture (USA)

Outside the Box

Marie Pascale Prud’homme

Université de Caen Basse-Normandie (FR)

FEHs (fructan exohydrolases) in fructan and non-fructan accumulating plants

Wim Van den Ende

KU Leuven (BE)

Fructan Syndrome: from Ordinary to Extraordinary?

Keynote Speakers

FUNDAMENTALS – Chemical and Structural-Functional Features of Fructans

Barry McCleary


Enzymatic hydrolysis and measurement of inulin, levan and agave fructan: AOAC Method 2018.07

FUNDAMENTALS – Fructan Metabolism

Agustin Lopez-Munguia


Effect of protein interactions during levan synthesis in Bacillus subtillis levansucrase

FUNDAMENTALS – Fructans in Nature and Evolutionary Aspects

Lazaro Hernandez-Garcia


Fructosyltransferases in Acetic Acid Bacteria: Structural, Functional and Evolutionary Relationships

FRUCTAN PRODUCTION – Microbial and Enzymatic Processes

Tiina Alamäe

University of Tartu (EE)

Levansucrase and Endo-levanase: Properties, Structure and Production of Fructans

FRUCTAN PRODUCTION – Plant Fructans and The Fructan Industry

Mercedes G. Lopez


The Agavins Story

Kazuyuki Kimura

Nikkol Group (JP)

Pilot Scale Levan Production

APPLIED FRUCTAN RESEARCH – Fructans in Food and Feed

Gary Frost

Imperial College London (UK)


APPLIED FRUCTAN RESEARCH – Health/Pharma/Cosmetic Applications

Paul De Vos

University of Groningen (NL)

Inulin Type Fructans and Immunity

APPLIED FRUCTAN RESEARCH – Agro/Chemical Applications

Andrea Matros

University of Adelaide (AU)

Bridging the Knowledge Gaps in Cereal Fructan Biology: Barley as a Model Crop